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Our Rosary Cards Are Perfect For:
Church Fundraiser
School Fundraiser
Charity Fundraiser

You can sell each Rosary Card for $4.00. The more you sell the more funds you raise. It's that simple.
       Your PROFIT can be 80-100%.
We Offer Our Rosary Cards For a Fundraiser At Significant Discount.

    Direct Sale Fundraiser

We offer a new, easy, fast and very profitable fundraiser.
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A new form for the rosary - a plastic card with a rosary at the back.
Why Rosary Cards?

 Convenience of a credit card
 Inexpensive Rosary alternative
 Encourages the Prayer
 FREE Plastic Sleeve Included
 Fits in a wallet
 Small flat design like a credit card
 High-quality glossy plastic

Never Forget Rosary Again - Carry It In a Wallet
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