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1. Is up front payment required?
You pay us when you place an order for Rosary Cards. If you opt for a direct fundraiser, you pay us when you place an order. We accept check, credit cards, as well as payments via PayPal.
2. Do you charge for Shipping?
Yes, all shipping and handling charges are added to your invoice when the order is shipped to you.
3. When will we receive our order?
All orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible, typically in 10 to 14 business days.If you are ordering CUSTOM ROSARY CARDS, the order takes 4 to 7 weeks. Call 800-741-7754 for details.
4. What are Rosary Cards?
Rosary Cards are plastic cards made of the same high-quality material as a standard credit card. Each card has an image of a saint on the front and a holy rosary on the reverse side. Rosary beads are impressed in plastic and covered with gold paint. A person can pray the rosary by simply following the beads that are easily felt under a finger during the prayer.
5. Why Selling Rosary Cards?
Rosary Cards are devotional items and as such can be used during the prayer. The Rosary Card is just a meditation tool just like a regular rosary, with a few benefits. Convenience -the Rosary Card is small enough to fit a standard wallet just like a credit card. Durability - lasts a long time just like a credit card.
6. Are Rosary Cards Customizable?
ABSOLUTELY. Although the FREE brochure we offer for fundraisers contains standard themes, we definitely offer custom cards as well. You can put a picture of your church, a favorite saint, or an image that is most dear to you and use that instead during your fundraiser. You decide if this is appropriate for you. There is a minium of 500 cards for custom Rosary Cards and the order must be prepaid. Furthermore, custom Rosary Cards are offered in multiples of 500, so you order 500, 1000, 1500 etc.It takes anywhere from 4-7 weeks for custom cards to be delivered to you.
7. Do I pay sales tax on my order?
We are required by New York State to collect sales tax for orders bound to New York address. Unless you provide us a tax exemption certificate or resale exemption of your organization we must add sales tax to your order. Most organizations we deal with are non-profit organizations and are exempt from sales tax. Fax your certificate to 914-514-8047.
8. Do you have a minimum order?
NO. There is no minimum. Period. You simply order what you sell.
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